Rainy day

Making the best of some cold and rainy days, we waited patiently in front of the castle above Neapoli for a little sun to explore it. Otherwise we got some work done, cooked and crocheted (not Edi 😉 ), read and watched videos of people who had travelled where we want to go too. But the good weather is on its way and we look forward to more sun soon again.

Struggling to get around the castle
Castle of Agia Paraskevi

The castle was built in the late Byzantine era by Frankish conquerors to control the traffic of ships in the bay of Vatika. It sits on a small hill that would have been difficult to access in case of attack. The ruins had been restored recently and we might have missed the locked gate. Flowers covering the path told us, that not many people come here at the moment.

Enough space to make a mess

Cordy used the rainy weather to bake a cake for us, a carrot cake with fresh carrots and nuts and a cream cheese icing on top, our favourite!

We were not sure if the lockdown regulation with moving restrictions would allow us to go to an island, but nobody cared, when we took the ferry to Elafonisos.

Corona madness strikes everywhere
Flower of the Day

We now want to spend a couple of sunny days at Elafonisos and enjoy the beautiful beaches on that little island. More on our next post!

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