At Elafonisos, we decided on parking directly at Panagias beach for the first days and went to explore the island on foot and by bike. Elafonisos has only 19 km2, and one road leading around. In winter only about 300 people live on the island but in summer it is a sought after holiday destination for its long sandy beaches and turquoise water.

Cycling past Simos beach

With one of the largest fishing fleet of the Aegean, many fishing boots are moored in the harbour. Agios Spyridon, the main church of the island is built on a tiny separate piece of land which is connected by a bridge over shallow waters to the village. 

Well stocked supermarket
Simos beach
Typical Austrian snack: Manner Schnitten!

We really enjoyed the sun, sand and sea at Elafonisos. We will now relocate directly to the dunes behind Simos beach and spend some more days there. More on our next post!

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