Simos beach @ Elafonisos

Parked directly in the dunes behind Simos beach, we enjoyed the fine weather and incredible beach together with fellow travellers. Besides of strolls along the beach and excursions through the dunes, we went to explore a nearby cave.

August der &
Birgit & Bernhard & dogs
2 more lazy travellers
Getting used to the view
Flower of the dunes
Exploring nearby caves
Spotting the cave from the coast

The cave for sure was used for a long time already. In front are terraces and stairs, which were built for some reason, but surely more than an agricultural purpose. At the moment, 2 men were cutting the vegetation in that area and we had easy access. They used the cave as their shelter for their breaks. Water was gathered where it dripped from the rocks.

What was stored here?
Full moon and the beginning of the summer time!
Sunset at Simos beach

After a couple of lazy days, we got antsy again to do and see something different, so we took the ferry back to the mainland and went to explore other parts of the Peloponnese. More on the next post!

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