@ Monemvasia

Monemvasia is one of the highlights on the Peloponnese through its position on a special island just off the coast.

Nowadays the island is connect by a small dam, but in medieval time there was a long bridge which had a draw bridge in the middle. This 1km long and 100m high island was the site of a powerful medieval fortress which was founded in 583 AD.
Reaching the upper gate
Many gates between the upper town and the lower town
View over the lower town
Mostly crumbled remains of the upper town …
… only the main church still exists and was recently renovated
Some frescos could be recovered
The church of Hagia Sophia is now the highlight of the upper town
Walking to the top
Harbour on the mainland
… and new town on the mainland
Cyclamen everywhere
Crocus Goulimyi – endemic to Greece
Turkish bath in the background
Giant fennel covers the hill – already dry in October 
Entrance to the upper town
Descending to the lower town

In the lower town, many medieval houses have been restored and turned into hotels or flats to rent. Little shops and many restaurants give this medieval town a lively atmosphere.

Main square at the lower town with the access to the upper town in the background
Narrow alleys
Lovely atmosphere at night
Parking for the night at the harbour

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