We reached Bayreuth, where we explored the city a little bit, including the beautiful opera house and the Hermitage on the outskirts of town.

Margravial Opera House, Bayreuth

Bayreuth provides a free parking area for campers, from where we walked along the river into the centre. It was Sunday and maybe also due to bad weather the city was not very busy.

The New Castle of Bayreuth, built in 1753
Exploring the park behind the New Castle
Villa Wahnfried built 1872 for the composer Richard Wagner, now a museum.
Villa Wahnfried

The Margravial Opera House (German: Markgräfliches Opernhaus) is a Baroque opera house built between 1745 and 1750. It is one of Europe’s few surviving theatres of the period and has been extensively restored. The box theatre is made entirely of wood. The three tiers are assigned to the three ranks of society. It was inaugurated in 1748 on the occasion of the marriage of the daughter of the margrave couple, Elisabeth Friederike Sophie of Brandenburg-Bayreuth, to Duke Carl Eugen of Württemberg. After the death of her mother Margravine Wilhelmine the use of the theatre declined and was stopped completely for many years, which probably saved it from the faith of other theatres of that time to go up in flames due to the use of candles and open fire.

Baroque style interior
Prince’s Loge
Fake stage scenery reconstructed from original plans
Painted ornaments giving a three-dimensional impression
Wooden construction beautifully renovated

The next day we drove to the Hermitage, where we strolled through the extensive park and admired the luxurious buildings. The historic park with water features and buildings was built in 1715. There is the so-called Old Castle, the New Castle (Orangery with the Sun Temple) and other smaller buildings. It is divided into a landscape park, a geometrically designed baroque garden and an area overgrown with forest.

New Castle or Orangerie
The facade is made of little stones in different colours
The first tourists (like us) are exploring Germany again
Old Castle of the Hermitage
The last rhododendron in flower
Flower of the Day

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