“Wasserloch” hike

We finally left Vienna and are on the way to South Tyrol now. We took the route through the Alps and found a little hike at the south of the Hochkar, where you can walk up a canyon which has a big surprise at the top!

First you cross the river Salza on a suspension bridge – what a promissing start! We could watch the rafting boats on the river from there.

At the starting point, there waits a tavern for you when you return, and the parking is big enough for campers (47.698384, 14.873620).

The path soon reaches the river and leads up following its cascades, mostly on stairs built along the river and hanging from the rocks.

One of the many waterfalls
We made it !
And that’s the surprise! The river starts at this hole, called Wasserloch, which is the opening of a siphon:
Copyright by https://wasserlochklamm.at/
The water tends to come out in gulps, and sometimes you have to wait to watch that. At this time of the year, with still a lot of snow melting at the Hochkar, the water was pouring out in a big stream.
In 1985, the canyon was explored, and it was decided to build the path to make this interesting site accessible. What a great idea! The construction took 7 years and I think the fee of 6.50 Euros is more than justified.
We had spent the night before at this beautiful parking near Lunz. At the lake, it is not allowed to park for the night, but up at the skiing area a big parking with a tavern next to it welcomed us. In the morning, we went for a walk up the mountain and encountered wild daffodils among many other flowers.
Flower of the Day

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