The hidden monastery

In Greece, you can find many hidden churches and monasteries, often in gorges, glued to a cliff. I found this one on the map, marked as a monastery ruin. When I looked it up it seemed interesting and we went to explore it. It lies at a gorge formed by the river Evrotas, north of the town of Skála, surrounded by an unspoiled landscape.

Parking for the Night

It is easy to get there, with a big parking before you walk on a well built path to the monastery. The area is only used by flocks of goats, which roam the landscape between the thorny bushes. Parking: 36.929509, 22.628395.

Not only bees carry pollen around
Comfortable path into the valley
Monastery well hidden in the rocks
Flower of the Day

We were happy we had discovered this monastery, and had enjoyed the beautiful landscape surrounding it. We were now following the river North and will go to Mystras, where we plan to do a hike into another gorge. More on our next post!

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