The famous Krka Falls

We had perfect weather again, so we didn’t waste any time and headed straight to the Krka National Park, where we walked along the river until we reached the very impressive falls.

But before we left our lovely spot in the morning, we went for a walk to see the Wall of Oštrica from up close.

The wall is called “BEDEM” – meaning defensive, protective wall in Croatian. It is 10 meters high and about 1 meter wide, running across the entire narrow neck of Oštrica peninsula. It is truly impressive and looks like some fallen defence wall from the Lord of the Rings.

On our route back to the main road, we had a little pond in the gravel road.

We started our visit to the Krka National Park from Skradin, where we found a big parking which was free in winter and started to walk 4 km up the river to get to the falls. In summer, there are boats going up the river, but we didn’t mind the hike in the sun.

When we had reached the falls, we were thrilled how much water came down the falls, supposedly in summer the falls are not as abundant. There is a circular route which leads you from one fantastic spot to the next, giving you a great view over the smaller and bigger falls which are everywhere.
Showing off for us!
After admiring the falls from all sides, we made our walk back again, what a great tour this was! We were quite tired and didn’t have the energy to go to another town, so we looked for a spot at the sea, which we found at a lonesome bay, where we relaxed and spent the night. (43.867037,15.575742)
Parking for the Night

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