Island hike @ Pašman

We did a hop to another island of Croatia, this time it was Pašman, just south of Zadar. Directly from the harbour a great hike starts, which we enjoyed very much with this beautiful weather.

From Biograd we had taken the ferry to Tonk at the island called Pašman. We could park at the harbour and directly walk up into the mountains from there, thanks to the GPS directions from the Rother App we use.

Hiking on an old path connecting the villages
Church of Tonk – in the background Biograd and some snow covered mountains

We reached a little tower on top of the mountain presumably used to watch out for fire. From there we had great views to all the big, small and tiny islands around.
Tower on top of the mountain

Protected from the wind we could enjoy the view and the sun

On our route back we came past this old stone house, which had an inner courtyard and a sloping roof surface to collect all the water at the cistern. We found these ruins very fascinating.

Built to last for generations

Sloping roof leads all the rain water into the cistern
Not far from this house we saw a number of probably much older stone buildings, built like little huts from the local stone with a dome shaped roof formed by stacking stone slabs.

We didn’t find any information about these houses, just one sign directing us to an “archeological site”.

Dome shaped roof

Flower of the Day

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