The famous Bear’s Trail

In Northern Karelia the Oulanka NP is famous for its 80km long hiking route called the bear trail. We did the little bear trail “Pieni Karhunkierros”, which was a 3 hour circular route. The landscape was spectacular, nothing else to expect in Finland!

We had been to Kuusamo the day before to do some shopping, as it was a rainy day. We also stopped at the skiing resort Ruka, where we used the washing machine of the Ski-Inn. In the evening we arrived at the parking of a hotel called Basecamp, directly at the trail. From here our hike started the next morning. (66.263518, 29.410921)

Water mill at the River Kitkanjoki

First suspension bridge – nothing for triplets!

White water rafting is offered here. I would have liked to watch a tube racing down these rapids, but there were none. With this temperature, rafting didn’t sound very enticing to me either.

Lookout point high above the trees
Rowan (Eberesche) is a very common tree in Finland and you see the red berries everywhere

Lookout point before the descent

Suspension bridge Nr. 2

Jyrävä – a 9 metre high waterfall at the Kitkajoki River
Kuukkeli – Siberian jay  -Unglückshäher
a bird of luck for the Finns

Autumn leaf of the Day

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