Along the Baltic Sea

After visiting Stettin at the border to Germany we were travelling eastwards to Danzing along the Baltic Sea, stopping at wonderful beaches and finally the weather was in summer mode again.

Our first stop was at the island of Wolin in the Oder delta, where we found a camping directly at the coast called Camping Tramp. It was a chaotic place full of people but with a very relaxed atmosphere. The   beach was fantastic, an endless strip of white sand with pine forest behind it. The area seemed to be a nature reserve and our camping was the only one for a long way. We took a walk along the beach the day we arrived, but the next day was very cold and rainy, so we worked and relaxed.

Beach at Wolin

From there we were following the coast and visiting little towns and villages on the way until we reached Leba, where we found an even better beach and had nice weather too.

Polish cows look different 
Visiting Darlowo
Main square of Darlowo
and the castle of Darlowo
Lovely church in a small village
Reaching our camping at Leba
Kacper checking us in
Our spot in the forest behind the beach
Leba is the hub for the Slowinsky National Park with its forest, incredible beaches and sand dunes. The queue at the entrance to the National Park was 100 m long so we turned around and visited the town instead. 
Amber jewellery
and other treasures from the Baltic Sea
Gofry, Lody, … we are learning polish
Racing experience

To explore the NP we decided to take the route along the coast, which was not that crowded and a great hike for hours.
Flower of the Day
The sunset is still very late but always so nice with the beautiful light and the peace coming back to the beach. 
But with the sun also the warmth left and with a little wind it was quite cold again. 
Sunset of the Day

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