Last view of the colourful mountains

From our adventures in the semi-desert, we were now on our way into the capital Tbilisi, where we wanted to spend some time exploring the historic centre. We arrived in the late afternoon and found a parking, from where we could easily walk to the most important sights.

Abandoned farm house
Abandoned factories near Rustawi
Soviet time apartment blocks of Tbilisi (not abandoned)
Tbilisi centre with the Bridge of Peace over the River Kura
Mother of Georgia monument

At Gudiashvili square, we were flashed by the recently renovated houses. They were such a big contrast to the rest of the town, that it felt somehow weird. As soon as you leave the square, you are brought back to reality.

Not renovated – renovated to perfection
Meidan square with the castle above it
Metechi Church at the River Kura
Bridge of Peace
Covid generates some business

The next day, we went on a Free Walking Tour with our guide Zura. It was great to have him explain a little about the history of Tbilisi and take us on a long walk through the centre. This way we discovered many interesting corners of the city. You will find available tours on https://tbilisifreewalkingtours.com/ – we truly can recommend to go on one of their tours!

Balconies are an important part of the houses in the old town, once buildings of wealthy merchants. With the Soviet regime, the houses were confiscated, divided into many small flats and given to people in need of housing. Today the apartments are property of the inhabitants, but not everybody can afford the necessary renovations.

Once the house of a merchant, turned into an apartment building by the Soviet regime
Minaret of Juma Mosque, where Sunni and Shia Muslims pray side by side
Orbeliani bathhouse – warm sulfur springs are used since centuries
Our guide Zura and our small group
Narikala Fortress & St. Nicholas Church
Presidential Palace
Mother of Georgia, built in 1958
Cafe Leila – vegetarian restaurant with historic decoration
Luckily we decided to share these typical Georgian starters
Leaving the city during rush hour

We had one more day in Tbilisi planned, where we went to a self service laundry to get our washing done, and then to the Tbilisi Auto Museum – more about that on our next post!

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