Rescue equipment made in Budapest

If you ever got really stuck with your 4×4 in difficult sandy or muddy terrain, maybe you wished for sand ladders like these …..

Lazlo and Cordy discussing the usage of the new toys
As an overlander we always dream about the most exciting spots to travel to, even if it is difficult to reach and a 4×4 vehicle is the only way to get there. So good equipment is the key to get there safely.
Sand ladders are very helpful tools in slippery and deep terrains. If you need some, just google “sand ladder” and you will find Lazlo (, he is one of the best (and enthusiastic) suppliers of these tools. 
I had ordered 4 pieces of his heavy duty sand ladders in black colour. Today we wanted to pick them up!
Lazlo @ his office in Budapest
Lazlo is a technical engineer and turned his 4×4 offroading enthusiasm into a well working business. By investing in a workshop and all required heavy machinery he started to produce sand ladders. Now his products are delivered and used all over the world.
Before we could pick up our toys, Laszlo showed us his workshop and the production site of his products.
Aluminium plates being prepared for the next step of production

getting in shape

125 cm, 150 cm and 2 m versions are produced

Details of the massive molding press for the dimple dies

finished sand ladder in black colour

Loaded into the garage of the camper, fitting very well, no need of outside mounting.

But as Lazlo is an enthusiastic inventor, he also offers special constructions to his customers eg. aluminium laboratory equipment as a second field of business. So he showed me next his workspace and machines for this part of his work.

Numeric controlled lathe
Control panel of the lathe
And for relaxation, he told us, he is frequently attending 4×4 races like the “Budapest-Bamako” with his Defender.
From the “” web site:

“The Budapest-Bamako is a minimal assistance adventure and navigational race from Europe to Africa. The B2B is not an easy Sunday drive or picnic in the park. We have no rescue helicopters, tow trucks, translators, lawyers, tour guides or psychotherapists. You must rely on your own luck, resources and skills. One thing is certain on the Budapet-Bamako: uncertainty.”

Looking forward to new adventures!

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