Last miles home

Our route home through Hungary led us past Lake Balaton and Budapest to the northern border along the Danube and back to Austria.

Catching a treat in mid-air!

After crossing the border from Croatia, we had stopped at Zalakaros, where we spent a day at the thermal bath and spa – very relaxing! For the night we had found a lovely spot directly at the lake, just the access was a little muddy but no problem. 46.754237,17.565983

Parking directly at very windy Lake Balaton
The next day we stopped at Siófok, where we went for a walk along the lake and into town.
Harbour entrance @ Siófok
Beautiful water tower at the main square
The following day we visited Lazlo in Budapest – more on a special post – before we drove along the Danube where we stopped first at Szentendre, took the bikes and cycled along the river.
Our next stop was further north at Visegrád, where a castle lies on top of a hill overlooking the river.
Castle of Visegrád
Holy Crown of Hungary (I suppose a copy?)
Royal feast reconstructed
From here we drove further west past Esztergom with an impressive cathedral and found a nice spot at the Danube for the night (47.753625,18.624155). Late at night we got a little bit disturbed by 2 young men who drove into the mud and in the end needed our help to get out. It would certainly have been avoidable, but the driver nearly managed to get himself into the same situation again after we had pulled him out. We were happy when they were gone.
Cathedral of Esztergom
Rescue action at night
The next day we crossed the border to Austria, just days before all the borders in Europe started to get shut because of the Corona epidemic. Seems like our travel plans for the next months are put on ice.

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