Pyramids, a Monastery and a Bulgarian wine tasting …..

On the way from Sophia to the Greek border were some interesting things to discover: sand pyramids, a little monastery and in the evening a winery, where we could taste different Bulgarian wines.

Our first stop was at the sand pyramids near Stob, not far from the Rila Monastery. It is a 20 minutes walk to get to the top of the hill, from where we could admire the landscape formed by erosion.
Getting hot on the way up.

We had seen similar rock formations in South Tyrol, so we were curious how they would look like in Bulgaria, actually not very different. There seemed to be fewer rocks, which form those funny columns with a rock on top.


Our next stop was at Melnik, where we chose one of the restaurants for lunch. A mobile vendor with a car full of goods was waiting in the shade for customers. We bought some delicious grapes from him.

Everything you can imagine on offer
A short drive from Melnik through an incredible landscape of sand formed by erosion took us to the monastery of Roschen.
Decent dress code required
Not an apple but delicious grapes for Eve
Talking to god ?
Vineyards around Melnik
Guided tour through the production process
Modern tanks
New barrels
Traditional wine cellar
Finally, the wine tasting
“Flower” of the Day

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