Arriving @ Greece

Greece greeted us with a roman play at a historic town and a castle at the sea on a beautiful day.

On our way along the coast of the Aegean Sea we visited ancient Dion, a Macedonian city where once Alexander the Great assembled his armies and performed magnificent sacrifices on the eve of his campaign to Asia in 334BC. And we walked on the same stones than he did more than 2000 years ago!
Mosaic from the thermal baths

Ancient street leading through Dion
Walking on historic ground
Sanctuary of Isis
Remains of the thermal baths
Before we reached our camping we wanted to visit a castle overlooking the coast: Platamon Castle is a Crusader castle which was built between 1204 and 1222. It has an impressive medieval keep and from its walls and towers the coast can easily be overlooked.

After the first houses was our camping directly at the sea
Keep of the castle
Castle inhabitant

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