Poros & Hydra

There were 2 islands we wanted to visit: Poros just off the coast and Hydra, a bigger but car free island in the south.

Poros is separated from the Peloponnese by a 200 m wide sea channel, which we crossed on a little ferry. The town of Poros lies just opposite the mainland, with its clock tower standing out on top of the hill.

Parking for the night
Can you see us hiding between the bushes?
We drove on along the coast and found a perfect spot for the night before Metochi between 2 little beaches. We spent the evening looking over to Hydra and enjoying the sunset. And we even spotted 2 dolphins travelling along the coast!

The next day we drove to Metochi from where we took a ferry to reach the island of Hydra. It is 50km2 big, but has only one little town. We were fascinated by the rules the island has: no cars, no disco, no swimming pool, no neon signs. The town lies around a natural harbour which attracts many fancy yachts.
Reaching Hydra
Little alleys leading up the hill
Mode of transport 

In the 1950s and 1960s Hydra was the adopted home of a community of artists, expatriates from their own countries, that included celebrated Norwegian novelist Axel Jensen, and Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen who wrote several of his better-known songs on Hydra.

Clock tower next to the church
Relaxed lifestyle
Captain’s mansions around the harbour
Waiting for people in need of a ride
Cats everywhere
Leaving Hydra
Good bye Hydra!

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