The volcano island

We explored the volcanic peninsula of Méthana, where you still can see the last lava flows of the area.

But first we had to do our washing and for this we found a lovely camping, where we stayed directly at the beach for 2 nights (Camping Bekas near Epidavros).
Yoga at the beach
Spending a day at the beach …
… while the washing is getting dry
But finally we had to part from this beautiful place as we wanted to explore the peninsula of Méthana just south from our camping.
Looking back at the bay where we stayed for 2 nights
Costal road at Vathí
Driving over the volcano island
Luckily, we had the narrow streets to ourselves
Little villages scattered over the hills
At the village of Kaiméni Chóra, you can clearly see the lava stream of the eruption from the Mid-3rd century BC. There is still no vegetation on the lava rocks, but the little volcano next to the village is a tourist attraction, where you can climb up to get a better impression of the area.
Lava reaching the street
Marked path leading up
Lava rocks everywhere
Reaching the gap …
… which is marked as the entrance to the volcano
Rhyodactic lava = explosive volcanic deposits
Bizarre rock formations
Flower of the Day

The hills were covered with these beautiful Greek cyclamen. They even grow along the street. It was the first time I have seen this flowers in the wild, which fascinated me.

Parking for the night at the northern coast of Méthana
Evening at the harbour

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