Our Corona diary, week 4

Week 4 starts with the announcement of the Austrian government how to open up the shops step by step to reboot the economy. We went for a hike while listening to the news on our tiny radio communication device …

Pocket radio for news update …

April, 7th.

Again very nice weather for hiking, getting warmer next days!
Warm enough for this little fellow
Larch shoot
Detail of another shoot
Wood anemone – Buschwindröschen
Performing the 2 weeks shopping in style (mask, gloves, shirt).

April, 8th. 

After the Austrian decision to open up economy, all around Europe the discussion about rebooting of the economy starts. Switzerland decided to open up businesses from end of April, Germany did not decide on a specific date yet but is in intense talks. In Italy, France and Spain the numbers of infected and deaths are going down, but these countries are far away of normal life.
We will still have for sure a long lasting period of restricted movement inside the country borders and for sure no possibility to travel to international touristic locations. A very impressive number of showing the current situation is the reduction of holiday and business flight traffic of 95% in Europe.
So we use the nice weather and go for another hike to “Falkensteiner Hütte”. What a nice adventure and sunset!
On the way to “Falkensteiner Hütte”
Tree resin in sunlight!
Cherry blossom on our way
Returning during sunset ….

April, 9th. 

The CORONA graph of Austria, pointing the right direction, number of infected decending …

Family communication via video chat like all the world ….
Family chat

April, 10th. 

Easter weekend starts with very nice weather and a rest while hiking …
Nice views over the “Wienerwald”

April, 11th.

From now on: weekly fresh vegetables delivered by “Bio Ferdl”
Starting easter weekend with good food supply

Sunday, April, 12th.

Easter sunday, home made “Oster Striezel”
Recipe by “Rudi Opa”
Made by Cordy!
Very nice & tasty!!!!
The Corona numbers world wide, USA leading the field by far with more then half a million, Austria No. 16 with about 14.000 infected. 

Lets see what week 5 of self isolation will bring. Here in Austria more then 60% of all shops will open up again by next week. Only shops bigger than 400 sqm and shopping centres will stay closed.
Let´s hope the best!

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