Olymp & Meteora

After crossing the Olymp mountain range, we reached the truly fascinating landscape of Meteora with its monasteries.

Travelling on secondary roads
Hairpins on the way up from the sea into the Olymp mountains
Famous Olymp mountains in the background
Definitely in Greece now
Street signs serve as shooting targets
Reaching Meteora
6 Monasteries are still in use
Using all the available space on the rock
Glued to the rock

After we had circled all the rocks and monasteries with the camper, we arrived at the camping where we had a lovely Greek farewell dinner with our group. The next day we went to visit 2 of the monasteries, only the weather wasn’t cooperating.

Bad weather at Meteora
Climbing up to reach the monastery through rain and wind
Tourists everywhere even with this kind of weather
Struggling to get into the church
Nun checking tickets and the dress code 
New paintings in the historic style
Intensive colours as the frescos are quite new
In the church, the painter was just finishing the last frescos
Wearing a kind of skirt to disguise my jeans – monastery dress code ;-(
Souvenir shop
Closing time
Flower of the Day

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