NO glacier hike

We were on the way to an arm of the Folgefonna glacier, planning a hike even with the rainy weather, when we passed a mighty waterfall which impressed us immensely. After taking numerous pictures we continued our way and reached Sundal, where the sun wasn’t really shining today.


From Sundal we hiked into the valley to have a look at an offshoot of the Folgefonna glacier called Bondhusbreen. The walk was fantastic along a roaring river and up to the glacier lake with its blue colour.

There should be the glacier

The clouds were hanging low and it was drizzling more or less the whole walk but we were enjoying our hike anyway, meeting some Norwegians who also ignored the weather.

What we expected
What we got
Bad luck – we came to late!

It was clear that the glacier had retreated a lot during the last years and there is not much to see anymore. Anyway we had fun and were proud we made it all the way up during these conditions. Especially the last part was more like walking through a stream, with water coming down the hill.

Last view back

Back at the caravan, everything had to find a place to dry. Beside of hanging clothes up in the shower we also used the heated garage and double floor where everything dried pretty quickly. Tomorrow we plan to drive along a scenic route over the mountains, rather than walk around in the rain again. More on our next post!

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