Scenic route to Stavanger

Between Røldal and Starvanger a spectacular scenic route leads over the mountains, once covered by glaciers. The day was rainy and grey, nevertheless the scenery was amazing, a route we will for sure do again one day.

We had spent the night in Odda and from there drove over a pass and past a skiing area to Røldal. From here 2 different versions of the Ryfylke Scenic Route lead south. Make sure to take the route which starts just below the skiing area, leading to Sauda, if you want to go over the mountains of the Saudafjellet. (Start/End of the road near Røldal: 59.814212, 6.755948)

Rain had caused the rivers to rise
Waterfalls were cascading down everywhere
Nice surprise at this narrow mountain road
X-Large snow poles
Passing a narrow dam
Rocks left by the glacier
Mountain cottage

The road over the Saudafjellet took us through a fantastic landscape and over 900-metre high mountains. It was completed in 1960 and is closed in winter when the snow can pile up to six metres, hence the high snow poles.

After the spectacular Saudafjellet we continued to follow the Ryfylke Scenic Route until we reached Stavanger through a very long tunnel going below the sea, my favourites! Tomorrow the weather is hopefully better and we can visit the city. More on our next post!

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