Mirbat and the route north

We had found a great spot for the night not far from Khor Rori, were a herd of camels greeted us in the morning. From there, it was a short drive along the coast to Mirbat, where we first stopped at Bin Ali’s Tomb. Bin Ali was a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad and the tomb has a high religious reputation. It is surrounded by an old cemetery.

Bin Ali’s Tomb
Mirbat castle

Directly at the bay of Mirbat stands a restored fortress with decorated rooms and a great view from its roof.

Wali’s bedroom

Around the castle, the old part of Mirbat crumbles away, as the locals prefer modern houses and nobody restores the old structures.

We stopped at the harbour of Mirbat for lunch, choosing a simple restaurant in a container with 3 tables next to it. The fish and seafood masala was delicious.

Showing us his options

On the way along the coast we found a little beach, where we spent the night. The next day, after Hasik, the coast got even more impressive, with high cliffs, a waterfall and finally the road leading up the mountain before we reached Ash Shuwaymiyah.

Natif waterfall

Water dripping down from the cliff dissolves limescale and forms beautiful curtains. We could stand beneath it and enjoy the spray, very appreciated on a hot day.

Wadi view
Driving up into the mountains
This green wadi would have been a great stop for the night

We made our way to Ash Shuwaymiyyah, were we drove into the huge wadi to find a spring and go for a swim – more next.

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