Changing a brake disk @ Salalah

We’ve had noises coming from the brake system since Kenya, but the situation has gotten worse since we arrived in Oman. When Edi checked the rear axle, it turned out that one brake disc on one side was worn out. Carelessly, he had only ever checked the front brake discs in Kenya.
We were lucky enough to get the last available set of brake disks from Mercedes Oman for our Sprinter, but not the necessary brake pads. But no problem without a fix. Edi could carve a rear brake pad out of a used front pad we carried with us.

To change the disk, we found luckily Mr. Manzoor with his small workshop in the car quarter of Salalah. He speaks English and is very knowledgeable.

Within an hour we had replaced the broken brake disc with the new part. A quick and easy fix, thanks to Manzoor!

This is the real limit of a brake disk!
Edi carving a rear brake pad out of a used front one …
Manzoor, you will find his workshop on iOverlander

Now we are able to continue our journey!

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