Medieval Market @ Orihuela

When we visited Orihuela, we saw that the annual Medieval market of Orihuela was taking place this weekend, so we stayed one more day and enjoyed the vibes of such a market.

The cakes looked so good that we couldn’t resist. With the one piece we got, we had enough cake for two days!

Do you know chufas? In English they are called tigernuts. Normally you get them as a milky drink, which is very nice. But you can also eat them as they are.
As a vegetarian I find this roasts quite disgusting. Some had little piglets laying there, like curled up in sleep.
This is more what I like to eat 🙂
When in the morning, the truck next to us opened its door, out came a group of goose, a little carriage, 2 cages full of white rabbits, 3 ponies, 6 little donkeys, 2 camels and 2 dromedaries!
This is the flower of the day 😉
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