Cathedral of Murcia
Murcia is a lively town and has a beautiful city centre with its impressive cathedral and the famous casino – a club for the wealthy entrepreneurs of the town.

Ayuntamiento or Town Hall
The Segura river forms an attractive part of the city with a nice river bank and beautiful bridges.
Bridge over the Segura river
The Real Casino de Murcia – the city’s social club, was erected in 1847 and has been completely renovated from 2006 and now shines in its full splendour again.
Entrance to the Real Casino
at the Casino
Main hall from where all the different rooms can be reached
The Ladies room
While we visited the cathedral, a special mass took place and in one of the chapels a child was baptised.
Nun shows no human compassion
chatting nuns
At the promenade along the river Segura
Not far from Murcia, we saw a hill with something on top, so we drove closer and discovered that it is a huge Jesus statue on top of a hill. It was built in 1951 after the first statue from 1926 was destroyed during the Civil War. The figure is 14 m tall.
El Cristo de Monteaguado
Finding a way in
we could not reach the top …
Flower of the day

We will continue now our way south to the area of Cartagena – more next!

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