Lofoten – Nusfjord

The sun was shining and we could explore the Lofoten Islands in all its glory. Our destination today was the little fishing village of Nusfjord, on the island of Flagstadøy.

Already the drive through the valley to Nusfjord was breathtaking with this huge mountains formed by the power of a glacier which doesn’t exist anymore. The mirror like surface of the lake made it even more fascinating, duplicating the mountain range.

Nusfjord from the top

During the heydays 1500 fishermen lived here and the fjord was full of boats, fish and people. Many of the old buildings related to the fishing industry have been renovated and taken care of, and today the fish oil factory, old smokery, blacksmith, boathouses and many other buildings are an open air museum/hotel complex.

Marine radio communication equipment

This old shop exists since 1907 and the interior is as it was from the beginning. It also has a cafe/bistro, where we relaxed with fresh crispy waffles.

Fresh Norwegian waffles – a treat!

The red, wooden church of Flagstad was built in 1780. An older church was first mentioned in 1430, and for sure built even earlier. It was destroyed by a storm during the 1700s. The present church was built of timber from Russia. A hurricane blew the church tower off in 1874. The tower was then temporarily set up next to the church. During renovations in 1938, the tower was put back in place on top of the church.

Parking for the Night

At night the sky started to sparkle and the green lights of the aurora borealis moved over the sky and the sea in front of us. A show we will never forget.

The following day wasn’t that sunny any more but in the end we had a great experience on the way to Å, the village with the shortest name possible. More on our next post!

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