HAM Radio contact: NORWAY to CANADA

At Eggum we had the first night below zero with all the puddles thoroughly frozen in the morning. Eddy had set up the 10 meters antenna disguised as a flag pole with our tiny Austrian flag on top.

Parking for the Night & Radio Station

We went to explore the old walls of the construction which housed once a big RADAR antenna erected in 1943. The only remaining part of the RADAR is the platform which was used to turn the antenna.

From the warmth of our caravan Eddy was listening on 20 meter frequency and managed to make different contacts with other radio stations. The longest distance was achieved with a contact to the lighthouse at the Price Edward Island in Canada, 4500 km to the west!

HAM RADIO protocol: Contact as LA/OE3SEU/mobile to VY2GF (George) located in the Prince Edward Island Lighthouse on frequency 14320 Mhz USB UTC 15:10 October, 16th 2020.

Working condition: ICOM 7000, 50 watt, 20 meter long wire endfed with 10 meters fibreglass antenna pole.

George VY2GF Canada flag Canada (source www.qrz.com)
The ruins of the WW2 radar station under polar lights

The weather looked perfect the next day and we explored more of the Lofoten Islands, visiting the little fishing village of Nusfjord. More on our next post!

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