Leopard & Cheetah

Düsternbrook Farm near Windhoek

After leaving Windhoek again, we stopped just 1 hour north, at the Düsternbrook Farm, where we had a campsite next to the riverbed and went on a “game drive” to watch them feed their cats, which life in an enclosure on the farm.

Brian – our guide
Leopard waiting for the tourists

First, they place some pieces of meet on a tree, that the leopard has to go up and pose for some great pictures.

At the end of the feeding, he got his big bone and left happily to enjoy it in a more private place.
Next we drove into the cheetah enclosure, where the old boy had to be lured into the open to get his food.

The campsite next to the river was very simple, but there was a small ablution block and we even got firewood, so we could heat the “donkey”, to have warm water for the shower.

Relaxing in the sun

Our next destination are dinosaur tracks, left 220 million years ago – but first we met some living giants – more in our next post!

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  1. Torsten, DG7RO

    great story and fantastic photos.reminds me on our garden route trip some years ago as we saw the big 5 and cheetas.
    waiting for next story! thank you. – 7ro

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