Philipp’s Cave & Bull’s Party

On the way from Swakopmund to Windhoek, we stopped at the Erongo Mountains to visit the granite boulders at the Ameib farm and also have a look at some rock paintings at Philipp’s Cave. The farm has a campsite, so we stayed there for 2 nights. If you can, book their special bush camp between the rocks!

Boys needed assistance, we stopped to see if we could help them …
Purple-pod cluster-leaf

We had enough time, so we hiked from the campsite first to Philipp’s Cave and then further to Bull’s Party, where all the big rocks lie around. You could also drive and do shorter hikes to get to both places.

Philipp’s Cave – where all the rock paintings are
Big white elephant with an antelope painted into it
wide panorama
Rock Agame (female)

After the visit to the cave, we continued our way to Bull’s Party. In total it took us nearly 2.5 hours at a slow pace as it was very hot that day.

Clamberer with pink fruits
@ Bull’s Party
Finding our way through the boulders
Flower of the Day

Luckily we met a French couple, which took us most of the way back to our camp in their car. While driving back, we not only saw some springbok, but also a group of baboons. We were happy that we met them while sitting in a car instead of on foot.

While enjoying the the rest of the day in our hammock, we saw some nice birds, like a hornbill, a Rüppell’s parrot and an grey go-away-bird.

We will now pick up our son and his girlfriend from Windhoek and go on a tour together! More on our next post!

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