Kenton on Sea, the Dias Cross & Kap River

At Kenton-on-Sea we spent the night at Middle Beach, getting woken early by many boats getting ready for a fishing competition. Besides of walking along the beaches, we crossed the sand dunes to reach the Dias Cross and drove up to the Great Fish River, where we went canoeing at the Kap River.

Fishing boats getting launched in the morning
Access road to the Dias Cross

From the end of the road, it is a 20 minutes hike through the sand dunes until you reach the spot where Bartolomeu Dias erected a cross at the point where he turned around during his first voyage in 1488. He became the first European navigator to round the southern tip of Africa.

A replica of the cross Dias has erected stands at this spot now – the original is displayed at the university in Joburg.

Kariega River mouth
Public road leading through a game reserve
Rough road through the game reserve
Kariega River

From Kenton-on-Sea we drove further east until we reached the Great Fish River. We had discovered the Kap River Conservancy, where we spent a great day exploring the amazing landscape of the river with a canoe and could stay for the night.

Kap River valley
Descending to the river with our host Chris
Cape Cormorant – do you spot it?

Besides of many cormorants we also spotted a Fish Eagle and heard different other birds. We also saw a 2 metre long leguaan or rock monitor glide into the water from the rocks next to us. Very exciting!

We will follow the 1820 settlers inland next – more on the following post!

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  1. I was researching Kap River and they had a link to your blog, which I’ve now discovered. What a great blog! I love your writing and photos. And the Kap River video is lovely – great music track :). Inspirational travelling you are doing!

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