Cannon Rocks hike

From our superb spot at the Sunday river, we drove east to Cannon Rocks, where the Cannon Trail took us through the dense vegetation of the Woody Cape and to the endless sand dunes.

Sunday river mouth
Cape aloe
Cannons at the beginning of the trail

From our camping at Cannon Rocks it was a short walk to the start of the hike, which led us into the dense bush. We came past a lookout point before we finally reached a big sand dune stretching inland, which we climbed in soft sand, before we could easily walk over the more compressed sand until we reached the sea, which we followed back. From the camping, it was a 3 hour hike.

Climbing onto the sand dunes

 The Alexandria dune field is the largest and least degraded coastal dune field in the southern hemisphere.

It has a surface area of about 15 800ha, stretching over 80km in length, with a width of up to 5km in places. 

Back we walked along the sea shore
Flower of the Day
Camp fire at night

Tomorrow, we want to continue east to Kenton-on-Sea and further – more on our next post!

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