Kayaking & an evening at the campfire

The river Krutyna is a tourist spot for Kajak tours. You drive down the river from Krutyn for about 2 hours until you reach Rosocha where you will get picked up. It was a hot and sunny weekend with a holiday which was probably the reason so many people went down the river that day. Our advice: go early or late, maybe go to a different part of the river or extend the tour past Rosocha to avoid the feeling of being in a bumper car instead of a kayak.

Picture taken by our neighbour (and his drone)

Beautiful river Krutyna 
First kayak base of numerous

Hundreds of kayaks spoiling the tour a little ūüôĀ
Young swans already used to kayaks
We left Krutyn to find a more secluded spot on a a lake called Jezioro Salet (53.921558, 21.348372). During the day some people come for a swim and went again, in the evening we had the lake to ourselves and made a campfire. This place was so nice, we didn’t manage to leave the next day and just stayed for another night.
The swan came to have a look what’s going on

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