Exploring Masuria

We were now in Masuria, the region in the northeast of Poland famous for its 2,000 lakes. And lakes we saw. Wherever you look, there is a lake – fascinating! We took the bikes to explore the area.

We also noticed, that in this area the tarmac ends as soon as you leave the main roads. The dirt roads all consist of solid sand which was good to drive on beside of the washboard that makes your teeth rattle (and everything in our cupboards ;-). We tried to take them slow or fast to see if it makes a difference. Fast was better!  Just that you have to be very cautious to spot any bigger bumps or holes in time.

Parking for the Night
On our tour around the lake we discovered that also cycling on sandy dirt road is much more strenuous, especially when the sand gets a little deeper. A stop to enjoy the scenery and go frog hunting was a nice break from washboard cycling.

Funny townhouse at Pasym

After our tour the first thing we did was jump into the lake for a refreshing swim. Tomorrow we will explore Masuria with the kayak, which sounds very enticing after a hot day on the bike.

Flower of the Day

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