How to charge the on board water tank with natural spring water …

What if there is no camp ground or service point with tap water connection on your way?

Fresh spring water
On our travels we often find natural springs with very good drinking water, but until now we could not use this water source for our on board water tank.
Natural spring beside a mountain road
Clear drinking water
We invested in a 15 meter hose, some hose connectors, a Gardena water pump, an external filter system and a battery drill.
In Greece we had the chance to test the setting. It worked very fine with this natural spring. 
The pump and the battery drill could provide enough pressure to work the two filters and fill the tank in the same speed a usual water connection at a camp ground could do. 
Hose with primary waste filter 

Just 10 cm deep water

Gardena pump 

Battery drill

running full speed @ 1400 revs

We use big external water filters
Delivers about 15 litres per minute

To fill our tank we need 25 minutes

Filter after 2 month of use (Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece)


After 3 month / old vs. new Filter

After 3 month

Product details

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    1. ja, das stimmt. Wir haben das System nun seit mehr als 1000 Tagen im Dauereinsatz und nutzen das Wasser auch als Trinkwasser.

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