Hike @ Sipi Falls

Our campsite with a view

At the foot of Mt. Elgon (4,321 metres), close to the border to Kenya, lies a series of 3 waterfalls, called Sipi Falls. They can be visited on a hike through the village and the fields leading up the mountain to all three falls. Of course you need a guide, who took us on the little trails the locals use to get around. Without him, we would have been lost.

View overlooking the plains

After a 1 hour hike, we reached the first fall, a twin fall, 85 metres high. At the bottom, the water disappears, to resurface further down in the valley.

We didn’t buy anything, but donated something to the widows and orphans of the village.

The second fall isn’t that spectacular, but lies on the way down to the third and highest fall.

We met this funny little chameleon on the way

The third fall thunders down a spectacular 100 metre high cliff and the river soon reaches the plain in the west of Mt. Elgon. From our camp, we had a good view towards this spectacular fall and could enjoy it the rest of the day.

Buying plantain (cooking bananas)

We had the plantains peeled for us and soon after we arrived home they were added to a delicious curry.

Flower of the Day

Did you miss our flower of the day? Here is one for you!

Next, we plan to learn more about the local coffee production. Let’s see, if the weather cooperates again.

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