Hike around Lago Alimini

Just behind the coast north of Otranto lie the Alimini lakes, which are very unspoiled, with not many points where you can reach the shore. We went for a hike around the bigger on, starting from the bridge, where the lake is connected to the sea. There is not a continuous path around the lake, so we had to find our way along some fields, but we managed. Before we returned to our car, we made a little detour to the sea.

Getting ready

The olive trees are struggling with the bacteria, some appeared more affected than others, but many were loosing their leaves and lives.

New hope
Wiped out olive grove
We found a strawberry tree!
Just not ripe yet
Lake Alimini
one of the few points where you can reach the shore
Walking home along the sea

It was a very cloudy day, but it stayed dry and we had a pleasant hike. The next days, the weather will be better and we look forward to exploring the coast and the city of Otranto. More on our next post!

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