From Aus to Sesriem

From Aus we drove North taking the D707, which led us along the border to the Namib-Naukluft NP. We stopped at the Koiimasis Farm for 2 nights, before we continued past Betta to Sesriem, where we had to get our permit for the Namib desert.

Oryx watching us

From the Koiimasis farm gate it were another 20 km until we reached the farm building and the lovely camp.

Cruising through farm land

We were happy, when we had reached our camp site next to some boulders and with a tree for shade. It for sure made sense to stay 2 nights, so we could relax before we had to tackle the route back to the road again.

Relaxing in our hammock
Preparing the fire for our braai
Koiimasis Farm

The pad was a little bit less corrugated than the farm road and in general good to drive. But we were always happy, when there was a place to stop for a break, like the petrol station of Betta.

Kalahari melon
Selfie for Renate ūüėČ

When we reached Sesriem, we stayed at the Oasis Camp and went to the NWR office the next morning, to get our permit for the days we wanted to spend in the desert.

From Sesriem you would normally visit the Sossusvlei, but as that was on our tour we had planned together with our son in the next month, we just passed here for now.

More from the desert on the following posts!

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