Easter in Austria

We were all so exited to pick up our new and first caravan from the
producer Dopfer in Bavaria just before the easter holidays. Of course we
immediately went on a holiday and the destination was Austria.

We left in the afternoon after a thorough introduction to all the details of the caravan. We tried to memorise as much as possible.

On the way to Austria we did some shopping for things we needed in the Caravan and filled up the gas tank for the first time.

We reached a parking just next to the highway at the lake Chiemsee. It was free as season has not started yet. The weather was grey and cold and we had it cosy and warm. (47°49’52’’N, 12°23’07’’O)

Day 1

The next morning we saw snow on the peaks of the Alps south of us and went for a walk along the shore of the lake.

We hit the road and drove into Salzburg and then south to a skiing resort called Wagrain,where we had a meeting for an oncoming event for youngsters into radio communication which will be held here this summer.

The lifts were running but we didn’t feel like going skiing, so I took a walk through Wagrain instead.

In the evening we went back north to Golling to the Aqua Salza water world and the caravan park there. The place is surrounded by green meadows and is very calm. It was terrific to spend the evening at the warm spa with just a short walk to our beds afterwards.
But watch out – the spa is a nudist area as any other spa in Austria.

Caravan parking at Aqua Salza

Day 2

The following day we visited the Fortress of Hohenwerfen. It lies impressive on a steep hill in the middle of a valley, surounded by mountains. From the parking you can take a lift or walk up. (47°29’01.4″N 13°11’09.0″E)

Fortress of Hohenwerfen
The Bell of the Fortress
It was freezing cold especially up at the bell tower, so we rushed into the tavern for tea and Eiernockerl with cheese – a typical vegetarian dish served with salad.
Warmed up again we wanted to visit the canyon of the Salzachöfen between Werfen and Golling at Pass Lueg (47°34’33.4″N 13°11’42.1″E), but it was closed, probably due to bad weather. So we headed back to Golling and took a short walk to a waterfall, before we went into the hotel next to it for some Austrian Apfelstrudel, delicious! (47°36’07.0″N 13°08’41.9″E)
Golling – waterfall
Back at the Aqua Salza we spend the evening at the spa, enjoying the warmth of the sauna and whirlpool.
Day 3
In the morning everything was covered in snow. Luckily the heating worked perfect and we had it nice and warm.
Leaving Golling we stopped in Kuchl at a farm where organic cheese is produced: Käserei Fürstenhof (47°36’41.4″N 13°09’39.1″E) We tried a lot of different cheese and bought everything we liked – cheese for a month probably.
Our next stop was Hallein, a beautiful town with a lot of history due to the salt mines of this area. There is a parking at Pernerinsel, an island in the river close to the centre. (47°41’05.4″N 13°05’31.6″E)
We walked through town and admired the houses but after our cheese orgy we didn’t stop at the famous Konditorei Braun for something sweet, what a pity!
Leaving Austria we drove into the mountains to Obersalzberg, Hitlers summer retreat near Berchtesgaden where now a documentation centre shows us what fear mongering and scapegoating of minorities can lead to. It’s terrifying that this method still works.
The weather was nice so we drove to Königssee, a beautiful lake in the mountains, only accessible on one end. There is a camping not far from the lake where we stayed for the night.
Camping Grafenlehen (47°35’42.5″N 12°59’10.9″E)
The lake is a short walk from the camping, where you can go on a cruise or walk to a view point. The surrounding mountains are so close that there is no path around the lake.
Hotel Schiffmeister

Day 4

The next morning we picked wild garlic leaves along the river next to the camping before we left for Austria again. We saw posters for a street food festival in Salzburg so we went there and ate us through all the vegetarian dishes from many different countries – I think you got it now that this trip is about eating 😉
Street Food Market
Completely stuffed we left Salzburg and drove north to Mattsee where we parked at the lake next to the beautiful old bath house. During the day you have to pay for the parking, but at night its free. Mattsee is a truly beautiful small town on a lake, and there is a very interesting museum: Fahr(T)raum dedicated to Ferdinand Porsche.
We strolled through town and along the lake and left the museum for the next day.
Old bath house at the lake of Mattsee
Fahr(T)raum Mattsee – Porsche Museum

Day 5

In the morning we spent a long time at the museum, which has a modern concept and offers not only old cars but you also to experience the inventions of Porsche. Very recommendable also with kids.
We took our new Mercedes and drove south east into the Almtal, a mountain valley that offers an animal park and a mountain lake. The Cumberland Wildpark houses animals of this region in a natural environment and the Konrad Lorenz research station of the University of Vienna. You will meet his famous grey geese there.
Konrad’s Grey Goose
Further up into the valley we reached the lake which is fed by streams from the surrounding mountains which carry a lot of pebbles which form the landscape.
In the late afternoon we reached a camping at Scharnsteinwhere we prepared the wild garlic with pasta. (47°54’54.3″N 13°58’18.7″E)

Day 6

Today we visited the Trailgarten of Hartwig Kamarad in Ohlsdorf. If you are interested in Trial, I recommend you go there to do some training or visit his museum of Trial motorcycles.
After a successful training in the woods we drove past Linz and along the Danube to Grein.
There is a free parking next to town and if you have time you have to visit the old theatre. I had been inside many years ago and I was very impressed by the atmosphere. (48°13’27.9″N 14°50’59.3″E)

Day 7

We drove down the Danube through the famous Wachau area and past Krems to visit our family before we ended up in Retz.
Just like the Wachau, Retz is famous for its wine and the town has amazing cellars underneath which you can visit. The market place is very big and has same interesting houses as well as a tower which you can climb to get a view as far as Slovakia.
Clocktower of Retz
On a hill above town stands one out of two wind mills in Austria who are still in working condition.
We parked next to it for the night and had a spectacular view from there. (48°45’40.0″N 15°56’33.7″E)
The famous wind mill of Retz

Day 8

On the way to Vienna we stopped at a Caravan Shop. If you need anything, you might find it there:
Falle Campingwelt in Gerasdorf. (48°19’47.7″N 16°27’11.8″E)
Our holidays are over and our Cochecito has to wait for us in Vienna until summer.

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