Dino tracks in the sand

After tackling some gravel roads again, the common type of roads in Namibia, we reached the Otjihaenamaparero farm in the Kalkveld region. From the campsite it was a short walk to the petrified footprints of some therapods.

Approx. 200 million years ago, the dinosaurs left their footprints in the sand, and some crazy circumstances allow us to walk next to their footprints today.

Two crossing tracks of more than 30 imprints with a size of approximately 45 by 35 cm are clearly visible on the flat stone. The longer tracks can be followed for about 28 meters. There is a distance of some 70 to 90 cm between individual imprints. This was the ceratosaurus, a 6-metres-long hunter with a large nose-horn on its skull.

Where is the dinosaur?
Mr. Strobel

The owner of the farm came past the campsite and gave us detailed explanations about the dino tracks.

We stayed at the little campsite in the bush, where the “donkey”, a wood fired water boiler, was heated for us, so we could have a warm shower. In the evening, we made a fire to grill our veggies and later sit around and chat a little.

Our next destination is the Waterberg, a national park we want to explore a little bit by hiking up the cliff. More on the next post!

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