The Waterberg hike

At the Waterberg National Park, we shared our campsite (and accidentally our food) with numerous baboons, but we came here to climb the cliffs of the Waterberg and enjoy the view from the top.

escaping with one of our apples ….

We didn’t even see them coming, had they already stolen a bag of apples from the inside of the pickup. The bag was ripped open and every baboon tried to get their share, one escaping with 2 apples in his mouth and one in each hand, running away on two legs. It happened so quickly, that we were completely stunned.
When they tried to get closer during our lunch, we used the beach umbrella to chase them away.

Cheeky baboons
Mountain view – we are coming!

The Waterberg is a table mountain, 48 km long and 15 km wide, made of petrified sand dunes. The top of the mountain was until the 1960s still inhabited by San people or bushmen. Later it was used to save endangered species by relocating them to the plateau, where they were in safety from poachers. Today it is a nature reserve and houses many interesting animals.

Red cliffs covered with colourful lichen
On top of the world (or at least the Waterberg)

At the bottom of the mountain, a cemetery remembers the battle of the German troops against the Herero people in 1904.

Cooking dinner at the campsite

We are now going past Tsumeb on the way to the Etosha National Park – more on our next post!

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