Die Strandloper Restaurant

Die Strandloper is a place where we had been 18 years ago and we were keen to go there again, as it is just a fantastic place to spend an afternoon, enjoying delicious seafood prepared on open fire and just chill the South African way!

The restaurant is located at the beach in Langebaan between some boulders. Everything is done on open fire with rustic tables around it. There is no solid building at all. You get served 10 dishes over 4 hours, all prepared in front of you, from the fresh bread in the oven to different grilled or smoked fish, mussels and of course crayfish!

Mussels are getting ready
Roosterkoek – the traditional bread to accompany a braai
Waiting for the next course
Mussels and fresh bread
Grilled crayfish – the highlight

The video might give you an even better feeling of the vibe!

Luckily there is a camping just next to the restaurant, so we had not far to stumble home and relax after this incredible lunch. We were happy we had such a beautiful winter day, that we could enjoy lunch at Die Strandloper again after 18 years.

We will head inland now to the Cederberg region – more on our next post!

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