City walk @ Zagreb

A sunny day to visit Zagreb, the biggest town and capital of Croatia. We took a walk from the train station to the most important places and sights, enjoying the market and lively streets of the centre.

Ban Jelačić Square with his statue in the middle

We had spent the night at a lake outside of town as parking in Zagreb is not easy like in every bigger town. In the morning we drove to the area behind the train station and managed to find a spot which was long enough for us. The next challenge was to get a parking ticket. You need to have coins, and we just did not have enough, so I tried the App. Long story short: for the fee we needed to pay you have to load a balance to your account first. But you can only load a much larger amount to your account than we would need. So I started to ask people for change, until a very nice man just gave me the few coins I needed and we could finally start our walk into town.

Art Pavillon at King Tomislav Square

Mary column in front of the Cathedral
Cathedral of Zagreb

Old clock face and an example of the renovation which is going on

Sarcophagus of Archbishop Stepinac
Dolac market in the heart of the city

We had to buy this delicious smoked cheese, so yummy!
Old picture of the Stone Gate
Gate and chapel in unison

The gate is also a chapel for the Virgin Mary. Many citizens of Zagreb got their prayers answered to, and plates with engravings of gratitude are covering the walls as a testimony. People in Zagreb still say: “I’ll light a candle in Stone Gate if Virgin Mary hears my prayer.” They stop by at the gate, light candles and pray for health, happiness, good luck and love. 

St. Mark’s Church at the centre of the old town
Funicular leading up to the Lotrščak Tower

The tower, which dates to the 13th century, was built to guard the southern gate of the town wall. 
In the 19th century, a fourth floor and windows were added to the tower and a cannon was placed on the top. Since 1 January 1877, the cannon is fired from the tower to mark midday. A sign warned of the noise it will make. When we were down and a couple of blocks away it turned midday and we realised that it truly wound’t have been a good idea to stand next to the canon when it goes of. Even down at the street it startled us.

Climbing the tower
Great view to St. Mark’s Church
Illica – the main shopping street

Nikola Tesla – the famous electrical engineer and inventor from Croatia
Hot Chocolate!
Train station of Zagreb


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