We had reached the Costa de la Luz at Cádiz, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Western Europe. The earliest archaeological remains are from the 8th century BC, as it was founded already by the Phoenicians. As Cádiz is situated on a narrow slice of land surrounded by sea‚ we started our walk around it along the shore before we strolled through the narrow roads of the old town. The city is dotted with numerous parks with exotic plants, including giant trees allegedly brought to Spain by Columbus from the New World.

Very old gum trees are a sight for themselves
Shadowy parks give the city a relaxed Mediterranean flair
Cathedral of Cádiz at the coastline
Impressive cathedral front
Un helado, por favor!
City beach next to the castle
Splash area for the kids

East of Cádiz lies an endless beach called Camposoto, where we parked at the end of the road for the night. The next day we took the path leading through the dunes until we reached La Punta de Boquerón, the end of a tongue of land where a canal reaches the sea.

Punta de Boquerón
Flower of the Day

From Cádiz we are now going east along the coast, looking for beaches to enjoy the sea and the sun. More on our next post!

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