Biking San Sebastián

Our last stop in Spain was in San Sebastián or Donostia, as it is called in Basque. We parked a little bit outside of town and used the bikes to get into the city.

The parking area we used was next to an arena, which is empty when no event is going on. (43.297742, -1.970536 – there is even a service station under the bridge) From there we had to get the bikes over some stairs which led down from the bridge over the highway. Afterwards we just followed the bike routes to the river Urumea, which we followed until we reached the sea. Soon we had the bay of San Sebastian called La Concha – the shell – in front of us.

Sun seekers were already doting the beach
La Concha has a pearl: Santa Klara Island
San Sebastián – a beautiful seaside resort
Port area with many fish restaurants
We had spent so much time cycling around the city that we were too late even for Spanish lunch time. A nice lady gave us indications where to find Pintxo bars, which would serve around the clock. We found a very nice one and were happy to dig in with all the interesting Pintxos available.
Pintxos !
Flower of the Day

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