Tapas @ Pamplona

Tapear means going from one Tapa bar to the next, enjoying a glass of wine or beer accompanied by a little dish called Tapa. A great thing to do in Pamplona!

We had parked next to a fire station not far from the old town. (42.820593, -1.657342)
From there it was a short walk along the river and through an old city gate before we reached the little streets of the centre. We headed to Plaza de Castillo, from where we started to try many tapas at different bars. Of course in each bar we had at least one glas of Rosé from Navarra or a clara de limon (Radler).  The food was excellent and only when we couldn’t eat or drink any more we made our way back home and had a peaceful night in Pamplona.

Flower of the day

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