Aeronautics @ Toulouse

On our way through France we stopped at Toulouse to dive into the history of aeronautics. We fell in love with all the historic planes gathered there.

First we went to the museum of Airbus called Aeroscopia, where the history of aeronautics is represented. The exhibition was very interesting, but when we went to the exhibition of historic planes by the Association Ailes Anciennes we found the beauties which told a lot of their history.

The people at the Association were very helpful and we received a booklet which described every plane on exhibition. The most interesting part for me was the history of each specific plane, where it had served and where they had found it.  At the hangar we were reaffirmed to enter the work shed and look around.

This poor fellow had bumped his nose and needed some band-aid!
The Association Ailes Anciennes Toulouse is not only gathering old planes to create a cemetery but they are restoring them. When we walked through the site, we saw that on many planes somebody was working. It made the impression of retired enthusiasts spending their time here to bring these old creatures back to their former glory.
The movie “Cars” was in our minds when we met this lovely fellow
“Burnout Syndrom”
We had spent the night at the parking of the museum, which has extra spots for campers and was a good place to stay, we even sat outside at night together with our dutch neighbours exchanging travelling experiences. Next to the museum, the Airbus 380 is produced and if you register 2 days in advance, they take you on a tour through the production, for sure an interesting experience.
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