We start to explore Bavaria

We are finally on the road again and our plan to explore Germany is now in action. Coming from Austria we arrived at Bavaria, where we found a lovely lake for our first stop.

Crossing the border on a minor road

The weather was not very friendly which made it a good day to be spent on the road. First we followed the Danube and then crossed through Upper Austria until we reached Bavaria. As usual we avoided the highway which gave us a much better impression of the area we were driving through. It is amazing how much more you see when you travel on smaller roads. And of course there are no toll fees to be paid  ūüėČ

Hartlm√ľhle at the border

We are in Bavaria again!
In short it says:
“You are allowed to cross the border during daylight without a motor-driven vehicle”
Our little lake

Historic farm house
Stop for the Night
During a late stroll around the lake we spotted a beaver and could watch him, while he was crossing over the lake. On my morning run I was surprised to find a tree felled during the night by the hard-working beaver.

Flower of the Day

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