Vila Viçosa – the marble town

Marble – that`s what Vila Viçosa is made of, or so it seems. Curbs, pavement, steps, door frames, benches and the stripes of the cebra crossing – in Vila Viçosa it is from marble.

putting your hands into marble

When reaching Vila Viçosa we first made our way to the Ducal Palace, which showed its perfect blue color. The facade is covered with a special marble from this area which is nearly blue, depending on the light. We were fascinated when we entered the square and stood in front of this exceptional building.
Ducal Palace of Vila Viçosa
such an unusual color, it makes this palace really special
We went on a tour in Portuguese with a guide who talked a lot and of course we didn’t understand one word. But it seemed also some of the Portuguese were bored by his endless tales.
Formal garden of the palace
Typical Pickup used a lot in rural Portugal
still in daily use
Vila Viçosa has of course also an old city wall with lovely little streets and a church.
Marble zebra stripes
Marble benches of course !
Around town are the marble quarries which are the source of all that marble. It seems the stones which are not good enough are dumped next to the quarry in high piles.
Marble left overs
Flower of the day

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