The Salt Pan

From Nata, we drove into the Bird Sanctuary at the Sua Pan. We knew, that there is no water at this time of the year and therefor there wouldn’t be many birds, but the entrance fee was not very high and we enjoyed the animals we could spot.

Wildebeest walking over the pan
Greater Kestrel

After our visit to the bird sanctuary we drove south and soon left the main road again, to go to a very remote spot at the Sua Pan, or to be exact, to an island in the pan.

Of course we stopped at reception to register!

Kukonje Island! An island in the Sua Pan and only reachable during dry conditions, as you have to cross the salt pan to get there. These salt pans are very tricky. Even when the surface is dry, underneath there is still mud and it is easy to break through the surface with a heavy vehicle and get stuck. We sticked to the tracks and didn’t stray off to avoid to have to shovel to get out again. Boring, I know!

Sunset over the dusty pan

In the mornings, we used the cooler temperature, to walk into the pan. What a feeling to be alone at the pan with nothing around you, just flat surface in all directions.

Sweetcorn fritters – for us strongly connected with Botswana
Campsite No 1 ! – no doubt about that ūüėČ
Just us and the endless salt pan

We loved that place so much that we stayed 3 nights and only left when the weather changed and it was suddenly cold and windy. It was incredibly quiet and only the half moon gave same light during the night. We shared this special island only with a herd of cows, there were no other humans for a long distance.

From here, we will now continue further south, stopping at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary next.

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